From the Bottom of the Street

GirlTobie, established as a limited Liability Company Georgia, is a Wreath crafting business with its principle office in Covington. The company sells trendy artisan Wreaths with cultural designs and colorful fabrics to an international market consisting of individuals of all ages and other associated businesses. GirlTobie markets its product line as “The Wreath with Heart-A modern Wreath for the modern Wreathian” and commits a portion of its profits to research and development programs that the company established to help the aspiring entrepreneur gain a potential footing in a marginalized economic environment dealing with activities such as poverty, self-esteem issues, and a lack of resources.

GirlTobie is the brainchild of, founder and CEO, Tobie Corbino. While volunteering at the local food bank, Tobie Corbino developed the idea of making Wreaths with culturally relevant fabrics and design patterns to support an under recognized nationality and bearing the identity of which her community could find strength.

To the Top of the Mountain

After Purchasing over $1000 dollars in Wreath making materials (e.g. Frames, Silk, Wool, etc) Ms. Corbino had the Wreaths designed and negotiated with several local Funeral homes in the greater Atlanta area to display her Wreaths. In less than one week, both stores had dozens of inquiries.

The Principal basis behind GirlTobie, and its Wreath Company is based on the principle of Focus- Focus on growth, focus on ideas, and focus on responsibilities. When individuals operated in synergy, understanding that working as a whole is better than working with fragmented progression. By Purchasing from GirlTobie, consumers make a conscientious decision to become integrated into a community dedicated to the uplifting of leadership.

Our Story is Exciting

The business’s first duty is to the many men, women, and children who use its products. GirlTobie is a customer-oriented business that recognizes that customer satisfaction is key to success. We strive to ensure that our superior products and high-quality customer service is delivered. GirlTobie supports the success of its employees, community, and investors, and will conduct the necessary research to guarantee future growth.